GP TEST 500 10ml 500mg (Geneza Pharma)

GP TEST 500 10ml 500mg (Geneza Pharma)

General information:
Manufacturer: Geneza Pharmaceuticals
Substance: Testosterone Undecanoate
Package: 10 mL vial 500mg/mL

GP Test U500 Profile
Active Substance: Testosterone + Undecanoate ester
Formula: C19 H28 O2
Melting Point: 155
Manufacturer: Geneza Pharmaceuticals
Effective dose: 600mgs
Active Life: less than 8-12 hours
Detection Time: 4-5 weeks
Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio (Range): 100:100
GP Test U500 Review
GP Test U500 consists from Testosterone with the Undecanoate ester attached, and produced in injectable form. To create GP Test U500, the scientists involved had to come up with a solution to the problems facing methyltestosterone, namely the fact that it is harsh on the liver and needs to be taken in very high doses to produce decent results. What they did was put 40mgs of Testosterone Undecanoate in oleic acid (an oil), and encapsulate it. Now they use castor oil and propylene glycol laurate instead of oleic acid, but that only increases the shelf life, and doesn´t do anything else. For some of the aspiring chemists reading this, you may be asking yourself the obvious question. And the answer is yes, you can take almost any estrified drug (GP Deca 250, for example), and dissolve it in castor oil and propelyne glycol laurate, and create your own "Deca Caps" or whatever. The problem is that you´d need to be able to make sealed gel caps, not just the typical 2-part capsules most people throw steroid powder in. After you put some GP Test U500 in caster oil and propelyne glycol laurate, you´ll have a testosterone which is highly fat-soluble due to the (very large) undecanoate ester attached to it, and able to be absorbed through your small intestine via the lymphatic system. What this means is that it avoids the "first pass" through the liver, a process which could destroy much of the active steroid, and place an undue amount of stress on the liver.
GP Test U500 displayed a rapid absorption and turnover in one study, which may account for it´s ability to not cause unwanted side effects . It´s not bad for your blood pressure, and also has no adverse effects on the prostate and may even improve blood pressure. Thus, GP Test U500 is remarkably light on all side effects, especially those related to liver toxicity and estrogenic sides.
GP Test U500 Effects
One might also pay interest to the "mildness" of GP Test U500 as described by other bodybuilding materials. GP Test U500 is often spoken about as some type of magic product, which to spite being a form of regular testosterone somehow allows for only minimal estrogen conversion. You should know that the way a drug is administered includes a number of factors that can slightly alter its effect, the most predominant being the speed of release. This effects the time it takes for a peak blood level to be reached, and likely the length it takes to see results. The primary reason Testosterone suspension seems more powerful than GP Test Enanth 250 is because more drug is active on day one. At the same time estrogen builds up faster and side effects become pronounced very quickly. The ester is also part of the total weight, and 100mg testosterone contains a much larger quantity of testosterone molecules that testosterone plus ester, another reason for varying effect. But these changes do not amount to all that much. The structure of testosterone is what allows it to break down into estrogen. The only way we can really prevent an androgen from converting to estrogen is to change the base molecule, not the ester. Once free in the blood stream we cannot prevent testosterone from being aromatized without interfering with the aromatase enzyme itself. The lack of results and side effects often reported with GP Test U500 must be going hand in hand with poor absorption.

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